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As early as 1349 it was ruled that English should be used at school in teaching Latin, but it was not until 1385 that the practice became general, and even the universities began to conduct their curricula in English. the ability to speak French had come to be regarded as a special accomplishment, and French like Latin, was learnt as a foreign language. William Caxton, the first English printer, observed: the most quantity of the people understand not Latin nor French here in this noble realm of England.One might have expected that the triumph of English would lead to weakening of the French influence upon English.The large-scale influx of French loads can be attributed to several causes. were scare and came mostly from the Northern and Western regions, which were least affected by French influence. In numerous translation from French which became necessary when the French language was going out of use-many loan-words were employed for the sake of greater precision, for want of a suitable native equivalent or due to the translators inefficiency.It is probably that many French words had been in current use for quite a long time before they were first recorded. It is also important that in the course of the 14th c.Most of the new arrivals came from the East Midlands: Norfolk, Suffolk, and other populous and wealthy counties of Malieval England, although not bordering immediately on the capital.As a result the speech of Londoners was brought much closer to the East Midland dialect.

Another poem in the same dialect and century, King Horn, is more of a love story. texts in the South-Western dialects we should mention The London Proclamation of the year 1258 and the political poems of the early 14th c. The victory of English was predetermined and prepared for by previous events and historical conditions.

This reform, however, was not carried out for years to come: French, as well as Latin, continued to be used by lawyers alongside English until the 16th c.

Yet many legal documents which have survived from the late 14th and 15th c.

ks of English poets, though many of them were paraphrased from French.

One of the earliest poems of this type was Brut composed by Layamon in the early 13th c.

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