Bailey hand plane dating

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That means people are truly recognising something at last.

They are recognising that crafting woodworkers, artisans of the very finest calibre from the late 1860’s through the 1960’s, really new their onions when it came to Bailey-pattern #4 Stanley planes and that they used them as favourite planes for a century and a half.

Record Plane Price Guide Find out what each Record plane and spoke shave is worth with this quick price guide. A valuable resource which shows you what you should be paying for a Record hand plane.

How To Date Record Planes Find out when a particular Record plane may have been made.

Which Of The Edward Preston & Sons Planes Made It Into The Record Lineup?

When Record Tools acquired the production rights for the planes formally manufactured by Edward Preston & Sons, a number of Edward Preston planes ended up in Record's own product line.

Tonight buy-it-nows on e Bay start around £20 and some bidding goes to around £35.Both registration and sign in support using Google and Facebook accounts. ew tools spark the affection of so many as the Stanley No. Regardless of one’s interest, the small plane has a way of catching everyone’s eye.Set one on a table at a tool show and nearly everyone who walks by will stop to look it over and check the price.When conversation starts, two comments are always heard.

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