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She also refused to be called by her name of Annika Hansen as Seven of Nine was the designation she had always known.But she accepted a shortened version, "Seven" at the suggestion of Captain Janeway.They and their daughter were promptly captured and assimilated.Naturally, the experience was traumatizing for Annika.However, their research came to an abrupt end in 2356 when an ion storm struck the Raven.The ship sustained damage, including, most importantly, damage to the multi-adaptive shielding, which went off-line for 13.2 seconds.") As a young child, Annika often stayed with her aunt, Irene Hansen.

The Collective assigned Seven of Nine to work with Voyager to develop the weapon.

A recovered Janeway resumed command and reinstated the alliance. But this was anticipated and a contingency plan was successfully enacted which permanently severed her link to the Collective. ( The transition back to Humanity was difficult for Seven of Nine.

She appeared to accept her severance from the Collective, but tried to contact it at the first opportunity. (") The Doctor, Voyager's holographic chief medical officer, was able to remove most of her implants and restore most of her Human appearance, but her long-term assimilation meant that some parts were vital to her survival and could not be removed.

Seven of Nine wanted Voyager to go to another cube, but Chakotay refused.

The drones attempted to commandeer Voyager's navigation systems to take it to the nearest cube, but Chakotay decompressed the deck the drones were on, blowing them into space. Instructed to do so by the Collective, she took Voyager into Species 8472's realm, forcing deployment of the modified nanoprobe torpedoes to protect the ship. However, the Collective broke the alliance and Seven of Nine attempted to take Voyager to be assimilated.

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