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Cedar Ridge High School is an accredited comprehensive public high school located in Newark, Arkansas, United States.

The school provides secondary education in grades 7 through 12 for approximately 220 square miles (570 km) of rural, distant communities of eastern Independence County, Arkansas including Newark, Cord, Charlotte, and Oil Trough.

In 2003, Cedar Ridge School District was formed resulting in the consolidation of the former Cord-Charlotte High School and Newark High School."A-B, C (D)" indicates that A and B were already a consolidated district, and are starting whole-grade sharing with C, and the new school is known as D.Sometimes this looks redundant, but it's included for completeness.While the department maintains the official list, and its records are law, schools often start whole-grade-sharing agreements years before being recognized as "one" district.In such an agreement, the districts remain legally separate but junior high students go to one and high school students go to the other.

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