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La revue Nature publie trois articles sur cette découverte, dont deux de l'équipe, dans son numéro de juillet 2012.Des méthodes de datations biogéochronologiques ont permis d'estimer l’âge de Toumaï à environ 7 millions d'années, en se fondant sur le degré d'évolution des mammifères présents à ses côtés, par comparaison avec d'autres faunes africaines similaires.A cosmogenic dating programme is underway in the Northern Cairngorms based at the University of Edinburgh.Martin Kirkbride and Doug Benn are busy applying a new dating technique based on the progressive edge rounding of boulders.The depth-dependent attenuation of the secondary cosmic-ray particle flux due to snow cover and its effects on production rates of cosmogenic nuclides constitutes a potential source of uncertainty for studies conducted in regions characterized by frequent seasonal snow burial.Recent experimental and numerical modelling studies have yielded new constraints on the effect of hydrogen-rich media on the production rates of cosmogenic nuclides by low- and high-energy neutrons ( Me V, respectively).

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Il vivait dans les forêts qui jouxtaient le voisinage d'un lac ou à proximité d'une rivière.

The value of the technique has already been demonstrated on Lochnagar.

Cosmogenic nuclide depth-profiles are used to calculate the age of landforms, the rates at which erosion has affected them since their formation and, in case of deposits, the paleo-erosion rate in the source area.

A 10Be–26Al depth-profile measured in an alluvial fan of SE Iberia is presented as a natural example.

Cosmogenic nuclides are typically used to either constrain an exposure age, a burial age, or an erosion rate.

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