Cynical about dating

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That's why cynicism is so dangerous to the average guy.If you lose that sincere belief—at your job, in your relationship, as a son or sibling or parent, anywhere—you're worthless, no matter how talented you are.I knew the Phils were doomed, because I've been in Jeter's living room. And I think, Jason Kamras: This former Washington, D.

Cynicism is not disbelief, but unbelief, a refusal.

AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING TOO EARNEST, let me say this: Cynicism is caused by broken hearts.

Sincere belief in a company, a group, a system, or another person forces you to put something real on the line, something with deep tethers to your emotional core.

I FIGURED IT OUT IN A WHITE VAN, a few years ago, while heading west on I-10 halfway between Palm Springs and Los Angeles. We'd been at Sinatra's old house in Palm Springs all day.

And if this sounds like one of those "I had the weirdest dream last night" scenarios, I'm not messing with you.

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