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on May 18, 2018 in Finding Love: The Scientific Take Gender differences are still prevalent when it comes to dating. on May 18, 2018 in In It Together Overwhelmed by the challenge of living with someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder? on May 18, 2018 in Animal Emotions Layla Abdel Rahim's book "Children's Literature, Domestication, and Social Foundation" shows how the stories we tell ourselves work to justify the abuse we inflict on the planet. D., LMHC on May 17, 2018 in A Modern Mentality You may know that it's Mental Health Awareness Month, but you may not know what to do about it.

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Mc Craney, “Gardiner, Maine Black Widow,” Lydia Sherman, Catherine Batchelor, Mary Ann Cotton, Brigitte Burckel, Sallie Hardman (Gibbs), Mrs. Camfield (aconite and acotine), Lulu Johnson, Marie Nicodem, Lisa Triku, Jerinia, Zsimcsa, Sultana Pongyan Juchi Jamela, Caroline Przygodda, Malvina Roeste, (rose bay leaves), “Knez Four-Time Black Widow,” Louise Vermilya, Louisa Lindloff, Frieda Trost, Amy Archer-Gilligan, Annie Monahan, Anna Tomaskiewicz, Frau Buchmann, Madame Pitiot, Lydia Trueblood Southard, Clara Carl, “Cleveland Black Widow,” Tillie Klimek, Annie Hauptrief, Annora Yeoman, Vera Renczi, Laura Christy, Elsie Bible Malinsky, Nora Edwards, Julia Fazekas, Suzi Olah, Maria Aszendi, Agnes Bittner (?

), Maria Varga, Margaret Summers, Daisy de Melker (strychnine), Marie Becker, Florence Peters, Rose Carina, Victoria Lefebvre, Anna Louise Sullivan, Helen Moeller, Marguerite D’Andurian, Proxy – Mrs.

The type of Black Widow killer focused upon in this research is those who murder for the purpose of financial gain, through using romance to initiate the process.

These killers are referred to as ‘Scamming Black Widow killers’.

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