Dating again after divorce with children

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A bird's nest arrangement is about ensuring that children’s lives are minimally disrupted, while the adults, who are theoretically more able to cope with the disruption, bear the brunt of the changes.Children are reassured to know that even though their parents are divorcing, they will be able keep the routine, continuity, and permanency to which they are accustomed.

Parents who opt for this type of living arrangement are to be commended, as they are clearly placing their children’s needs and their responsibilities to those needs above their own interests.We rotated and each had the equal amount of time with the children.My ex husband paid the bills as he had the job and I had been a stay-at-home mom.And the level of discomfort they are likely to experience may be significant, especially in light of their desire to have complete independence from their former spouse.Yet as more parents recognize that bird nesting is clearly the best arrangement for their children, the number of bird nesters is steadily rising.

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