Dating aquarius males

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No matter what date someone was born, they either want you, or they don't, that doesn't make them unable to commit, it just means they aren't going to commit to you.I"m an Aquarian female and I dated and fell in love with an Aquarian male who was almost 20 years younger than me (how very Aquarian, we like being different).Two of them had long attachment to former women whom they would die for, as long as those women weren't around.

Some men have told me that is a compliment but I have reminded them that it does not keep a woman warm at night knowing that her partner really doesn't love her.He was a great protector of children but could also relate to them and easily take himself down to their level when it came to play! He was not protective of his own children nor his spouse.He was at times so cold and distant that I could hardly bear it.As if being almost inextricably obligated to another human being were, in and of itself, something anyone would automatically crave and aspire to achieve.I wouldn't put that much thought into a person's sun sign, but I have dated three men who were born under the sign of Aquarius, and all three have been witty, fun to be with, intelligent, detached and unlikely to

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