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This just means that they might be really good in one area, and really struggle in another.Since we expect a person with a high IQ to perform well across the board, it’s easy to assign a low level of intelligence to someone we see struggling.

Actors get respect for playing characters with autism and authors are applauded for writing in characters with autism.

For most, their autism makes it hard for them to pick up on subtle social signals.

Often they’ll miss facial expressions, the tone of voice, or body language — so even though they care deeply what your feelings are, they can’t respond appropriately because they can’t detect what you’re feeling. Just like everybody else, there a few individuals who are most happy to be alone, but the bulk of people want friends and to spend time with them.

Autism is a spectrum, so no two cases are alike so people with varying levels of intellect can be on the spectrum.

What can also happen with people on the spectrum is that they can have what’s called an ‘uneven educational profile’.

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