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I am delighted to see you all have now set your Personal Learning Journals, and I am sure the one remaining will have it up before the weekend.Not all of you are been shown up as following each others blog.Really open yourself to it and contemplate and reflect on your impressions.This will really help you to connect to your own creation more meaningfully as the uniqueness of your creation comes from a place that is deep within you.A useful process is creating a visual representation of the character first.This can be easily achieved by gong to the various links which have application for you to play with as you create a character DON’T worry too much about the background details for the character, just be intuitive and go with your ‘gut’ feelings and let yourself be drawn by what you have put together.Probably the best psychological book I have ever read. The act is very symbolic and even the way it is done and how it is presented all mean something.The book describes the practise, reasoning and treatment of cutting. If there is one thing I have learned in my brief study of the psychological deviance in people is that the mind and body will always express itself, no matter what.

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As you put yourself in unexpected role playing situation, you learn to improvised and you can therefore you appreciate why ‘improvisation’ is greatly valued in role playing as it is the germ/virus for spontaneity and creativity….fun too as you learn to trust in ‘letting go’ your ‘normal’ constraints on your ways of behaving and thinking and experiencing….after all its only pretending, playing only lah, not real, not me…just being the character ! This is the advantage of improvised role playing as it let you discover alternative outcomes and ways of being from which insights can then be integrated into your everyday reality..……or maybe what I am suggesting could be a leap too far for the group at moment, if that is the case, ignore all of the above as just my inconsequential rantings when I get carried away every now and again.I know, been there already , after all, we are learning to invoke and evoke our inner creativity and spontaneity, so learn to capture the inner thoughts of the moment without too many self censorship in giving birth to your inner expressions , that’s the only you are going to get to know your ‘Self’ ….well…..least you know that this will be contained within the safety of this ‘playing and learning space’ as you engage with the a technique for fleshing out your basic character and giving it breadth and depth.You can make your character as simple or complicated as you want you character to be.

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