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If you head over to Google and search for “link building” you’ll be presented with more than 500,000 results.

There’s more information on using links to rank higher in Google than anyone could consume in their lifetime.

Most internet marketers think outreach is about spamming emails to webmasters… For your outreaching to be successful, you have to build at least a small form of connection to the webmaster you’re contacting. Regards, Chris I didn’t ask him to link to my site. All I did was praise his work, and use a question to encourage a reply.

When I started my full-time job at an SEO agency, my perception about “good” link building changed pretty quickly.

Up to that point, I had only known things like article marketing, web 2.0’s, commenting, social bookmarking, and all the other forms of “spam building.” A few years ago, they worked to a certain degree for low competition niches, but in today’s SEO landscape they do more harm than good – no matter the competition.

Sometimes you get both, sometimes you get only a share, and sometimes you get only a link. You get a sudden surge of traffic from the exact audience that you want reading your stuff.

Also, it puts you on their radar so if they decided to link to a post in the future, it’s more likely to be yours.

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