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Obviously, a long-running strip like Cathy can’t just go away without a big to-do.

But with the strip’s formerly chronically single title character now married off, and the October 3 end date too close for her to finally poop out a baby, we have to ask ourselves what the bang of an ending will be.

It’s a dramatic montage of narrative and personal testimonies that depicts the grotesque routines of the slave trade, the deadly risks of the Underground Railroad and the impossible choices that slaves and abolitionists faced.

The neck serial number states S853090 = 1977/1978 as stated in reference books. The neck bolt pocket area has a white Fender Telecaster label stating the same serial number = S853090.

Since Cathy was a pioneer depiction of a working woman, we suggest that she get with the times: heartless layoff, followed by workplace spree killing, concluding with suicide by cop.

“The Help,” which has sold millions of copies, “The House Girl” depicts privileged white women and oppressed black women in a familiar, unchallenging way that strokes our liberal sensibilities and lets us feel again the sweet pleasure of racial enlightenment.

And it seemed Josephine’s heart pulsed with the skittering movement of Missus’ eyes, that the two of them lay prostrate together before the same cruel God.The legal and moral arguments for paying reparations to the descendants of African American slaves would be a rich and fascinating subject, but the cringing absurdities of this plot multiply like a senior partner’s billable hours. And given the millions of aggrieved descendants of slaves who might make powerful lead plaintiffs in the reparations case, why not insist on recruiting only an extremely reluctant, mixed-race hunk who might or might not be related to Josephine?ateur sleuth, but fortunately, every time Lina cracks open an old notebook, out falls some revelatory clue that has eluded generations of scholars.Reparations for slavery may be a long shot, but Lina should have a strong case against any English teacher who still advises, “Write what you know.” Conklin actually worked as a lawyer at a New York law firm, and yet these familiar parts of her novel display the glib artificiality of someone who learned about office life by watching TV.This silly legal drama has been bred with an engrossing slave story in a tragic act of literary miscegenation.

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