Deaf dating hearing

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), and in short, the list of things I can actually hear is far shorter than the list of things I cannot.Everyone talks in hushed whispers of the difficulties faced when a couple is interracial or has conflicting religious views, but no one has really talked about the couple that is hearing and non-hearing.

For me, as a "deaf" person, there are a few words and phrases that initially piss me off and then eventually lead me to frustrated tears: Such simple words. Instead, these short, blunt and utterly defeating noises simply remind me of how different I am, how while it really may not be important, simply says to me that if I can't hear it the first time and everyone else did, that I'm simply not worth the effort of repeating it to or telling it in a different way.And when you're dating someone, are in love with someone, the conversations you have can become a source of sadness and sometimes a reason to fight.I've dated the most amazing guy for about three years now, and we still have issues with my hearing, on a weekly, if not daily basis.He's normal, has perfect hearing; has two ears that function just as they should for a 24-year-old adult.He has no hearing loss, and there is no indication that he will ever suffer from any in the future. " are the two most commonly used phrases in my vocabulary.

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