Did matt bomer dating stana katic

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She's a very good actress to pull off both genders.She went to highschool in my hometown and her folks own a store.i get about the pregnancy, especially after the miscarriage (people go rewatch castle s5 they used all the very well known techniques to hide her then growing pooch up until midseason) nowadays she doesn't even bring him to events. she reminds me of jessica chastain always coy answering about her personal life.but atleast chastain is a big is she so secretive about her husband.

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A source tells It will be an untimely death for Kate Beckett.

She's Eastern European/Balkans they will never get out of the closet unless they fully shun their heritage and no longer have close families back in their homeland. Homosexuality is shun even in many American household of Eastern Europeans/Balkan heritage.

Martina is one of the rarities but she considers herself an American through and through.

but atleast chastain is a big hasn't totally kept her private life private...

divulging where she's currently living, her family and what they do is more of a TMI than just putting your status as "married".

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