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The jury gave Honorable Mention to "Magnesium," the story of a driven young gymnast facing a fateful personal choice; a short from The Netherlands that was directed by Sam de Jong.

The jury praised the power of the story and acting, "which make the audience truly feel the impact of the subject matter." Additionally, "What Do We Have in Our Pockets," a whimsical animated short directed by Goran Dukic from Israel was also awarded an Honorable Mention, as the jury recognized the "playful inventive style of filmmaking" that used an unexpected animation style.

See Photos: The Wrap's Shortlist Film Festival 2013 "Movies are over," declared Richard Potter, EVP of production and development at Relativity Media. On the creative side of studio executives, we do understand what is changing in the film world.

The problem is the businesss side does not know how to make money in this new world." He added: "The thing the industry finance side does not understand is that instead of the business trying to read the audience the business side needs to pay attention to watch the audience is actually doing." "I do think there is a financial benefit to making short," said producer Jonathan Schwartz ("Like Crazy," "Smashed,").

And the short cost exactly "nothing," he said, save the cost of travel to Egypt.

In accepting the award, he said that the situation had changed drastically since 2011.

One way to showcase your talents if you want to be a director, is pick up a camera and go make a short." Other jury members included UTA agent Bec Smith and San Francisco Film Festival director Ted Hope and writer/director Liz Garcia ("The Lifeguard,"Term 12").

This 2000 epic historical movie was directed by Ridley Scott and starred two big-time actors: Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix.

In the film, Crowe plays general Maximus Decimus Meridius.

And here I am in Telluride — with ' The Lunchbox.'" Watch both winners here: VOICE OVER (English subtitles) from Kamel Films on Vimeo.

The Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Tawadros II, weighed in on same-sex marriage, minutes after he arrived for a historic visit in Australia on Wednesday, SBS reported.

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