Double your dating what every man

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Every man can probably recall a time where he said fuck it, and just told her how he felt only to scare her off.

It goes deeper than the old clichés that nice guys finish last and that women love men who are assholes.

” Men, on the other hand, must keep their emotions under lock and key at the risk of losing her.

But why, then, when a man simply says I like you, does his girl become less attracted to him?Is there no appreciation by any women in our generation for a real Casanova?Moreover, something feels disingenuous about pretending not to be interested or gaming a girl into liking you.Calculating when and what to text a girl, and hiding how you really feel just to keep her around seems like a recipe for long-term disaster.A lot of guys have done it both ways and it seems like playing the role of an emotionally comatose man is precisely what keeps her around.

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