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But if they leave it blank, the current email address will remain.

In the My SQLi Delete (and Update) Record interfaces, only one value can be looked up at a time.

With Web Assist's My SQLi Server Behaviors, you can quickly create various server behaviors to generate streamlined My SQLi code in Dreamweaver.

In my example, I chose the results page so I can see the records that have been updated. Next, click on the Bindings tab to bind the database columns to the form fields. Select each database column in the Column list and if necessary, modify the Data Type.Click the lightning bolt next to the Value list to choose the proper form element.Now your application is ready to update multiple records in a single page.But with simple hand coding, we can look up a record based on more than one value by duplicating the "bind Param" record server behavior.Now that you know how to manipulate records in your database using My SQLi insert, update, and delete server behaviors, learn how to use the Web Assist's My SQLi user authentication interfaces at User authentication.

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