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also recognizes that staying away from alcohol and/or drugs is a life-long battle to remain in recovery, and it has been proven that the support of a group increases your chances of staying well and living life to the fullest.

This is why we are offering you this Alcohol and Drug Misuse Chat Room, these alcohol and drug misuse forums, and the alcohol and drug misuse social network.

The Lounge already has a thread dedicated to tinychat here.

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Therefore, is that alcohol and/or drug users who are recovering and need support from others heading up the same path to wellness will find the online support and anonymity they desire by utilizing all this website has to offer.

I am looking for one also, however, I have came across the 420chan (if this isn't allowed remove it) chat rooms but found them quite poor.

I suspect they are also heavily monitored by undercovers so don't recommend sourcing on them.

Tinychat isn't officially affiliated with BL, and although there may be some people in there capable of giving you good advice, that's not really the whole idea behind that IRC.

It's mostly for kicking back and dicking around, and sometimes people may think that you are kidding around or being sarcastic or something, or you may not pick up on their sarcasm, and you may take their advice the wrong way. If you want serious help with drugs, tinychat isn't the place.

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