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It is through performance (particularly dance) that Athenian goths choose to express their beliefs and desires, blending aspects of the contemporary goth scene with twists of ‘traditional’ Greek ideas.Often performance, with all its paradoxes and hybrid contradictions, says more than words.However, in AD 398, the leader of the Visigoths, Alaric, realised that the Roman Army was so thinly spread, that Rome itself was for the taking. This date is usually used by historians as the year the Roman Empire ended.Alaric moved cautiously south but in AD 410 he captured the city of Rome. Roman held territory in Spain, France, northern Africa and England all fell to the various tribes that attacked them. However, Roman rule continued in the eastern empire for a number of years after this date – in modern Greece, Turkey, the Middle East and northern Egypt.

He believed that Rome as a city was too far away from vital areas of the empire to be of value from a governmental level.This thesis discusses concepts of cosmopolitism and peripherality in the Greek and wider European goth scene.The research took place primarily in Greece but extended to Germany, the United Kingdom and online as I followed the movement of Athenian goths who were searching for connectivity, hybridity and their cosmopolitan selves.Tribes such as the Goths wanted to move south into parts of Europe that experienced a better climate that would assist their farming.This could only bring them into conflict with the Romans.

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