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Well, one piece of good news is that the most recent academic research has proven is marriage fraud is not nearly the issue for couples that meet on international dating site as the mainstream media has portrayed.

In fact, there are FEWER divorces among these couples than among couples in general. Well, first ponder why all of these amazingly beautiful women are signing up on international dating sites?

It means that you can decrease your chances of getting scammed by paying attention to what the women want because most of the women really are looking, hoping, and dreaming about the perfect foreign man.

They know it is much better to marry a great guy than to scam him out of a hundred or even a thousand dollars. And here is the thing, the vast majority of women tell guys this in their profile.

beautiful Woman from Elena’s Models that I talked to in my initial search …

Every week I get a sob story from some guy who’s out ,000 or so.

Those cultural issues are largely the same across Eastern Europe, but what determines whether there is a small stream of mail order brides or a torrent of beautiful, intelligent ladies is the state of a nation’s political and economic situation.

It is a sad, sad song and you don’t need to a steel guitar playing backup to understand the pain it causes.

Dating fraud hurts, because one you took a risk for someone you believed in.

That will keep you from becoming a target for the majority of women who are not really interested in scamming anyone, but it does not do you any good against the professional scam artists.

Online romance creates an almost perfect situation for dedicated professional scammers.

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