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Îo prison AND DESTROYED HER good name WITH CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!THEY PUT A FAKE STORY ON THE WIRE SERVICES THAT SHE HAD "Kidnapped AND RAPED" 330 pound 6'5" Kirk Anderson TO COVER UP THE FACT THAT HE and JOYCE made love! Their multi-million dollar mormon missionary image was at stake, so the mormon pr machine also dissiminated this fake story in newspapers and tabloid rag mags all over the world, and all over the internet, and four years ago was the source of slander in a pornographic counterfeit movie slandering her beyond comprehension! Joyce sued the producers for millions of dollars and the mormon cult leaders were so worried the lid would be ripped off and their 1977 cover up exposed that they brought in their top lds attorney to block her former fiance from testifying and admitting/exposing the truth!One mans word is equal to an opinion (Joseph Smith) and warrants a dictatorship or a cult. nasrin sadegj - #1.1.1 - 2014-04-23 - (Reply) IF YOU BELIEVE IN ONE LIVING 'GOD' , 'GOD' OF "ABRAHAM (A)" THEN YOUR RELIGION DOES NOT MATTER, NEVER THE LESS, I WENT THROUGH THE ENTIRE TRAINING AT THE MORMON CHURCH, ON THE SCHEDULED DAY OF MY BATISM, IN FRONT OF MY EYES, MY FRIEND MADE AN ANONIMOUS PHONE CALL AND TOLD THE MORMON CHURCH THAT MY ONLY INCOME WAS A CHECK FROM THE GOVERNMENT, THEY CAME BY ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AND TOLD ME THAT THEY HAD A CHANGE OF MIND AND "FOR MY OWN GOOD", THEY WILL NOT BAPTIZE ME, SO NO MONEY, NO MORMONISM...!!!Justin Ramos - # - 2014-04-26 - (Reply) So not true I have been going to that church 4 3 months and the Mormom church does anythung 4 u if u don't like it bad 4 u but they r good people and their church is true!!!!!!!john latour - # - 2014-08-15 - (Reply) i grew up in utah. That must mean their religion is all wrong and that they are teaching bad stuff!more than one of your bishops offered to suck my cock when i was only 11 years old. Just because a member of the church does something against what we believe, doesn't mean we are spreading lies about our church, or make it any less true. Great for week people like you dumb ass week simple mormons. - # - 2016-01-03 - (Reply) Bull fucking shit you Mormon cunt.

you fuckers gotta lotta balls calling yourselfs saints. u mormons are pussies and assholes Justin O - # - 2015-03-16 - (Reply) Mormons are a bunch of pussies faggots that probably would believe in the tooth fairy and Santa and leprechauns and shit if you preached it to them well enough. They can take their gold plates and pedophile bishops and all suck each others dicks till they choke to death. Anonymous - # - 2015-11-15 - (Reply) Well okay that's kinda gross but guess what? Anonymous - # - 2015-11-15 - (Reply) You Mormons hate gay and lesbian couples. WHAT CHURCH HAS A RIGHT TO GO INTO SOMEONES HOUSE AND TAKE STUFF THAT THE CULT DOESN'T LIKE AND THROW IT AWAY?

If u want comments do u see people posting comment about your church from millions of people !!!!!! Oh, one Christian had an abortion and prayed to a priest and was forgiven.

but if you think this church is not true you are the wrong person here you have your own beliefs but this church is true and if you can talk smack on the Internet you might as well go to the Mormon Church and say to their faces but if you can't say it 2 there faces then don't bother posting negative things on the internet about the Mormon Church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But look here, this Mormon kid didn't keep the sabbath day holy and bought something on Sunday.

It's absolutely appalling that anyone would buy into their disgusting doctine.

Forcing 11 year olds to marry pedophilesomeone and rapists while the older decrepit wives slowly did of loneliness and exhaustion from raising 30 demon spawn youth at a time. you Mormonshould are worse than anything I can conjure in my mind to put into words...

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