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Niko's first encounter with Karen (then known as Michelle) is during the mission "Three's a Crowd" where Niko has to pick her and Mallorie up from the subway station and take them back to Karen's apartment in Rotterdam Hill.During the car ride, Mallorie suggests that she and Niko go out.This is due to the fact that she is sometimes surprised, upset and genuinely happy when talking to Niko, and after a fair amount of dates, Niko doesn't have to ask to be invited inside.

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After the first date, Niko can take her on a number of dates there after until the mission "The Snow Storm" is completed, where she will confess to Niko that she has been watching him and working for the government.Ms Sherratt added: ‘We’ve had children crashing into others in toy cars in the playground.When asked about it they say they’ve been watching Grand Theft Auto.During a mission for ULPC, Niko asked what Karen's reward for bringing in Niko was, to which he replies "We gave her life back", once again hinting towards a previous criminal affiliation.Five years after the events of GTA IV, it is revealed that Karen is now a high-ranked IAA agent.

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