Intimidating woman meaning

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A couple of my guy friends have also called me intimidating. I would like men to feel like they can approach me though, so maybe this is a two part question.I joke that more men should "man up" which always kinda reinforces their argument. I don't want to intimidate men, but I don't plan on creating some persona to appease their fears either. I'm curious about what makes men intimidated by a woman?It’s not a bad thing to be one of these people, even though you might feel like you’ve done something wrong by the way others react around you.Your career may have had a few hiccups, and your relationships are trademarked by tension, but your independent way of thinking isn’t wrong- it just rubs some people the wrong way.To be honest, it either sparks an anger inside of you (that you can’t keep silent about), or it makes you want to walk away without saying a word.This might be because most strong-willed people are also highly educated.

Intimidation of whistleblower concept and whistle blower stress symbol representing the pressure experienced for exposing corruption with shadows of people who do not follw the rules as a red whistle shaped as a human head.

I found the whole thing weird since we had had a conversation a few moments earlier where we were cracking jokes, and making small talk.

He wasn't trying to hit on me, In fact I think his brother is the one that kinda liked me, but I was annoyed by his whole "it's my fault" approach.

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