Is lindsay lohan dating sam ronson

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I don't know why people can't believe people beard by getting married.

I saw it in the Army, I saw it in the Corporate World, closeted people get married and if it's millions of dollars involved then they will get married.

But I have a real hard time believing that a lesbian would marry a man and get pregnant by him, some even more than once, to boost her career.

Can someone cite a real example of this happening and tell me how it works emotionally, physically, and what career benefits someone like Penelope Cruz would get out of a fake marriage and pregnancy with Javier Bardem?

This is the blindgossip item that revived the 2005 debate over who Marcia was seeing at the time. Piper Perabo, per other threads on the DL, is apparently gay and not overly secretive about it.

The ironic twist is that it's his wife who was having the flings with the 90's iconic babes.I can speak for anyone specifically, but sometimes it's a case of killing several birds with one stone. And let's not forget people attracted to the biz aren't necessarily the most stable of tables. If you weren't nuts going in, you soon will be once you commit to playing The Game. Cross was all but out in LA circles during her "Melrose Place" years; I'm gay and lived in West Hollywood at the time. DH was a huge revival for her career; she'd stopped acting for quite some time prior.She was suddenly making big money again and I have no doubt she might have run scared, found a man who was willing to deal with her situation and quickly bearded.There were rumors about Charlize Theron being bi (at the very least), and in a relationship with her assistant. She talks a lot about dating men, and the 2 men she mentioned most are rumored to be gay.Why would she beard and be bearded if she was ready to come out as the BI suggests?

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