Kaspersky slow updating

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I disabled the second plugin as well since i am using it from time to time when i need to do some tests.Since i got finally good browser speed, i believe it's time to move back to Firefox.Security related software often does cause issues with Firefox.

I note your system details include details of Firefox extensions: # Kaspersky Protection 5.0.141-4-20161031140250 ([email protected]) #Tamper Data () It would be interesting to know what the full name and version is of the Kspersky software is that you are using, and whether it is a free or paid for version.

Would you disable the Kaspersky Protection extension and see if that makes a difference   ?

Kaspersky software is known to cause many problems;   slowing down Firefox is one of them.

I really wonder whats going on with firefox lately.

Instead of improving it, it just becoming worse and worse.

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