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If section 331 is applicable to the distribution of property by a corporation, section 301 (relating to the effects on a shareholder of distributions of property) has no application other than to a distribution in complete liquidation to which section 316(b)(2)(B) applies. The gain or loss to a shareholder from a distribution in partial or complete liquidation is to be determined under section 1001 by comparing the amount of the distribution with the cost or other basis of the stock.

The gain or loss will be recognized to the extent provided in section 1002 and will be subject to the provisions of parts I, II, and III (section 1201 and following), subchapter P, chapter 1 of the Code. 2126]§ 216 - Deduction of taxes, interest, and business depreciation by cooperative housing corporation tenant-stockholder§ 221 - Interest on education loans§ 263A - Capitalization and inclusion in inventory costs of certain expenses§ 267 - Losses, expenses, and interest with respect to transactions between related taxpayers§ 274 - Disallowance of certain entertainment, etc., expenses§ 280C - Certain expenses for which credits are allowable§ 280F - Limitation on depreciation for luxury automobiles; limitation where certain property used for personal purposes§ 280G - Golden parachute payments§ 301 - Distributions of property§ 304 - Redemption through use of related corporations§ 305 - Distributions of stock and stock rights§ 324§ 336 - Gain or loss recognized on property distributed in complete liquidation§ 337 - Nonrecognition for property distributed to parent in complete liquidation of subsidiary§ 338 - Certain stock purchases treated as asset acquisitions§ 351 - Transfer to corporation controlled by transferor§ 355 - Distribution of stock and securities of a controlled corporation§ 357 - Assumption of liability§ 358 - Basis to distributees§ 362 - Basis to corporations§ 367 - Foreign corporations§ 382 - Limitation on net operating loss carryforwards and certain built-in losses following ownership change§ 383 - Special limitations on certain excess credits, etc.§ 401 - Qualified pension, profit-sharing, and stock bonus plans§ 401 note - Qualified pension, profit-sharing, and stock bonus plans§ 402A - Optional treatment of elective deferrals as Roth contributions§ 403 - Taxation of employee annuities§ 404 - Deduction for contributions of an employer to an employees’ trust or annuity plan and compensation under a deferred-payment plan§ 408 - Individual retirement accounts§ 408A - Roth IRAs§ 409 - Qualifications for tax credit employee stock ownership plans§ 410 - Minimum participation standards§ 411 - Minimum vesting standards§ 414 - Definitions and special rules§ 417 - Definitions and special rules for purposes of minimum survivor annuity requirements§ 419A - Qualified asset account; limitation on additions to account§ 420 - Transfers of excess pension assets to retiree health accounts§ 441 - Period for computation of taxable income§ 442 - Change of annual accounting period§ 444 - Election of taxable year other than required taxable year§ 446 - General rule for methods of accounting§ 453 - Installment method§ 453A - Special rules for nondealers§ 458 - Magazines, paperbacks, and records returned after the close of the taxable year§ 460 - Special rules for long-term contracts§ 461 - General rule for taxable year of deduction§ 465 - Deductions limited to amount at risk§ 466 - Repealed.

However, taxpayers may apply paragraph (d) of this section to any original Federal income tax return (including any amended return filed on or before the due date (including extensions) of such original return) timely filed on or after May 30, 2006.

Paragraph (d) of this section applies to any taxable year beginning on or after May 30, 2006.

610]§ 817A - Special rules for modified guaranteed contracts§ 832 - Insurance company taxable income§ 845 - Certain reinsurance agreements§ 846 - Discounted unpaid losses defined§ 848 - Capitalization of certain policy acquisition expenses§ 852 - Taxation of regulated investment companies and their shareholders§ 860E - Treatment of income in excess of daily accruals on residual interests§ 860G - Other definitions and special rules§ 863 - Special rules for determining source§ 864 - Definitions and special rules§ 865 - Source rules for personal property sales§ 874 - Allowance of deductions and credits§ 882 - Tax on income of foreign corporations connected with United States business§ 883 - Exclusions from gross income§ 884 - Branch profits tax§ 892 - Income of foreign governments and of international organizations§ 894 - Income affected by treaty§ 897 - Disposition of investment in United States real property§ 901 - Taxes of foreign countries and of possessions of United States§ 902 - Repealed.

2221]§ 904 - Limitation on credit§ 907 - Special rules in case of foreign oil and gas income§ 911 - Citizens or residents of the United States living abroad§ 924§ 925§ 927§ 934 - Limitation on reduction in income tax liability incurred to the Virgin Islands§ 936 - Puerto Rico and possession tax credit§ 937 - Residence and source rules involving possessions§ 954 - Foreign base company income§ 956 - Investment of earnings in United States property§ 957 - Controlled foreign corporations; United States persons§ 960 - Deemed paid credit for subpart F inclusions§ 963 - Repealed.

A liquidation which is followed by a transfer to another corporation of all or part of the assets of the liquidating corporation or which is preceded by such a transfer may, however, have the effect of the distribution of a dividend or of a transaction in which no loss is recognized and gain is recognized only to the extent of “other property.” See sections 301 and 356.

Every significant holder that transfers stock to the issuing corporation in exchange for property from such corporation must include on or with such holder's return for the year of such exchange the statement described in paragraph (d)(2) of this section unless - If required by paragraph (d)(1) of this section, a significant holder must include on or with such holder's return a statement entitled, “STATEMENT PURSUANT TO § 1.331-1(d) BY [INSERT NAME AND TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (IF ANY) OF TAXPAYER], A SIGNIFICANT HOLDER OF THE STOCK OF [INSERT NAME AND EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (IF ANY) OF ISSUING CORPORATION].” If a significant holder is a controlled foreign corporation (within the meaning of section 957), each United States shareholder (within the meaning of section 951(b)) with respect thereto must include this statement on or with its return.

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