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I'm really thrilled, but I also take it with a grain of salt...

I feel really lucky because I know how fickle the business, the industry is." Schultz spelled out the important role that haberdashery can play in a performance in an interview with No Depression.

"I saw a Tom Petty show, and he is obviously older now, but he clearly learned a lot about what makes for a good show. '" The band doesn't want to be influenced by other people's opinions of their music.

I just remember him playing "Last Dance With Mary Jane", and as the opening guitar line was being played, he opened up a chest on stage that had not been opened the entire show, pulled out a hat, put that hat on for the duration of the song, and then opened the chest back up and put it in and shut it. This taught me everything I needed to know." After being nominated for Best New Artist and Best Americana Album, the band is a little on edge. "The Grammy thing slipped in and snuck up on me where I almost started to buy into it.

Another notable experience while living in London was her first time ever calling into a radio station, she won an invite to a record release party with the Beastie Boys for their album 'Ill Communication'.

"I love London as it has such a vibrant and diverse music scene and I couldn't help but go out every night to check out gig after gig.

She and the Lumineers gained significant fame from the single "Ho Hey." She was born in Denver, Colorado.

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Schultz explained the band's low-key attitude toward their sudden success to American Songwriter: "It's really arbitrary to us.Nicole has a passion for travel and adventure and has always wanted to live in California so she packed up and moved four years ago to the "left coast" and has been loving it ever since.It’s been four years since the Lumineers released their self-titled debut album, anchored by the double-platinum feel-good anthem “Ho Hey.” Colorado has added nearly half a million people since then. Hell, reality TV stars have become presidential candidates during that span of time.After they moved, the two dudes put up a Craigslist ad looking for a cellist.Pekarek was one of two people that responded, and she met them in their basement to jam, resulting in the only time a woman meeting strange Craigslist dudes in a basement was actually a good idea.

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