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Once all the logistics was done, the app then promptly advised me to pay a monthly fee. I must have been incredibly naive because I had no idea that there is a MONTHLY fee involved for online dating. Imagine paying a monthly fee then it will end up like a gym membership which probably does not get used!

Or maybe browsing other people’s profiles could become a way to pass some spare time, even an addiction?

Except that Zoosk continued to email me over the next 24 hours and the last email I received was telling me that there were 58 men who would like to meet with me, along with their pictures.

I was firstly mortified that the account was not cancelled by deleting the app, which means these men were wasting their time browsing my profile because I am not even using Zoosk anymore! How could I possibly go through all these profiles, which seemed like a monumental job.

Have thought truly wants to usually find date on the short side, free online dating site with no way of identifying who they.Anyway I wasn’t going to pay a monthly fee so I deleted the app from my phone.The whole process from downloading the app to deleting it took only a few minutes.I noticed that there is no such an option as to DELETE my account, with a close equivalent as “pause the account until you come back”. It would be so much more hassle to start again if people were allowed to delete their profile and having to set up a new one when they wanted to use it again. Well, I think my anxiety does not like online dating.How would I choose a date from the 58 people who sent me a “I am interested in you” message in that 24 hours, plus another 10 people’s messages which poured in during the few minutes that I logged on to delete my profile, purely based on their photos and some generic self descriptions? The sheer number of messages itself was enough to set off a panic attack in me because I simply felt overwhelmed!

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