Polls on online dating

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It is a measure of potential electoral success for an incumbent president (or state and local elected officials) and is useful for trend purposes.

Incumbents who fail to win approval from a majority of the public for the job they are doing are very often in trouble on election day.

Next most likely are outcomes very close to this true percentage.

A statement of potential margin of error or sample precision reflects this and often appears in poll stories.

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But even 250 polls in a single year means your chance of being interviewed at least once is still small.

Larger sample are generally more precise, but sometimes not.

The important rule in sampling is not how many poll respondents are selected but, instead, how they are selected.

But the average poll has a sample size of 1,000 adults.

This means that only one person in 200,000 will be included in any one national or state poll.

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