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This is testament to our mix of talented presenters such as John Suchet, Bill Turnbull, Myleene Klass, Alan Titchmarsh, Aled Jones and Charlotte Hawkins, who deliver engaging output that is welcoming, intelligent and relevant.

And the best bit is, Classic FM is available on your FM radio and DAB Digital radio right across the UK!

The station plays familiar classical music chosen to uplift, soothe, or inspire.

Simply put, it’s the perfect antidote to life in the 21st century, with 21st century platforms to consume the brand on.

"Two or three hours on the motorway if you're lucky, four to five if there was traffic.

That's when I started really getting into classical music again" – she had played classical guitar as a child, before gravitating to pop, and, as an adult, a job as a DJ on the k London pop station Capital.

A report published recently linked the kind of music drivers listened to and the manner in which they drove.

Those who listened to heavy metal, it found, tended towards leaden-foot syndrome and consequently had more crashes, while those who favoured classical were far less likely to be involved in accidents.

Since Classic FM launched on 7th September 1992 its groundbreaking vision was to create not simply a radio station, but a powerful brand in its own right. In September 2017, Classic FM celebrated its 25th birthday and continues to go from strength to strength."I just needed something to help me unwind, and Classic FM was a breath of fresh air, a kind of 'ahh' moment.I'm not surprised taxi drivers listen; every driver should."The AA would likely concur.Though he has spent 18 years at the station, there is still something of the youthful scamp to Crick as he paces the studio floor – he presents standing up – and repeatedly encourages callers, particularly first-timers, to call in and ask for a tune. Wendy from Sussex wants something with "a nice descant" for her husband, who is busy fitting a new kitchen for their son and daughter-in-law. ) requests "anything by Brahms", while Robbie, a decorator from Tyneside, requests the full nine-minute version of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, and gets it."OK, so perhaps you don't want to call," he begins in his mellifluous presenting tone, a good octave deeper than his speaking voice off air. Crick's lively manner is typical of the station's ethos: unabashedly welcoming, eminently inclusive. "We believe that classical music is for everyone, whatever their level of interest." What this means is that when somebody emails in wanting "that song off the Lloyds Bank ad", that is just what they get, without an accompanying lecture explaining that Sleepers, Wake – as Bach titled it – is one of the composer's more refined works of genius.

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