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Internationally, this need to cooperate between public and private partners has been recognized and put into action for the Netherlands to follow. Boris Sharchilev, Yury Ustinovsky, Pavel Serdyukov, and I have released a new pre-print on “finding influential training samples for gradient boosted decision trees” on ar Xiv.

In the paper we address the problem of finding influential training samples for a particular case of tree ensemble-based models, e.g., Random Forest (RF) or Gradient Boosted Decision Trees (GBDT).

Our mantra is that it takes AI innovation talent to make data actionable.

By establishing a research lab under the ICAI umbrella, participating companies invest in AI research and innovation, custom made AI training programs, and an ambitious talent pipeline that builds on educational strengths in AI.

Given the impact, AI also generates many societal challenges.Unfortunately, the Seeking Millionaire website has been discontinued.Established Men offers an excellent dating site for those who are affluent and those attracted to that particular lifestyle.We have talent, we have world-class research, we have a longstanding tradition in AI education at all levels, and we are one of the world’s top ranked countries in terms of innovation power.ICAI brings these positive forces together in a unique national initiative.

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