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Back in 1999, Rob Bourdon was just another drummer in LA, playing with his band Linkin Park, doing the rounds of clubs, and working on his loops, beats, and pieces.Fast forward eight years: Bourdon is now one of the most successful drummers in the world, fans clamor for a glimpse of his handsome visage, and his rap-rock records with Linkin Park have sold over forty million units. How has success changed the mild-mannered Rob Bourdon?There were eight to ten days of going through different snare drums. Bugsy Siegel used to live there, and the house had a tunnel where Harry Houdini would cross through in the middle of the night.All of the extra time and focus ended up giving a lot more life to the drums. All of the gear had to be rented and brought in, because it’s not a professional studio.

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She then went on to earn notable roles in the UPN sitcom Social Studies and the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless.

I can say this because I have known LP for 5 years I just heard the other name I think Linkin park is. I've heard both before and I can say that LP has more fans around the world LP is more popular and is a...

Albums: Collsion course, A thousand suns, LP underground X, Hybrid theory, Splitting the DNA disc 1&2, Reanimation, Under Attack (B-Sides), Meteora, Underground v4.0, Minutes to midnight Currently, Linkin Park seems more popular. Here is the track listing for Linkin Park's new album, A Thousand Suns : .

We would just set up and go through drum sounds, and when we found one we liked, we would stick with it and that would be the drum sound for the entire record.

We then would do a lot of programming on top of the drumming so that it would have a consistent sound. We really spent a lot of time on the drums on this record.

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