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She will learn everything she needs to know to get a second (third, fourth…! It is time for her to stand in her power in the NYC dating scene.Talk Love is an informal, in-person chat group about love, sex relationships.

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Spring actually has an impact on your hormones as well as your mood, and while we’re not entirely slaves to our base desires, we may feel a little more passionate in the springtime. Do you feel like cold and flu are always lurking around the corner, with the stress from the job, your relationship or the lack thereof, and a hundred other things we call 'life'?This masterclass is for the modern woman who wants to unlock her feminine power.Living her best love life means connecting to her body, including learning the daily wellness practice she needs to “keep things tight” (and make orgasms easier and more frequent during sex). This is the point around which the whole film revolves with Norton and Pitt forming an underground club which draws more and more disillusioned young men to join it. After a nights hard drinking they start a friendly-ish scrap which is viewed by a couple of others and from that small acorn a mighty oak called Fight Club grows.

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