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Visit Johor - Destination travel guide to Malaysia's border region to Singapore.Wikipedia - tidbits about the countries history and culture. Look into the Yahoo groups to find some seldom pics and a few references to the commercial sex trade in Kuala Lumpur health centers (happy massage) and the infamus Beach Club.

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"Brothers" as punters are called in this region of Asia (similar to Singapore and China) care to mingle among themselves. The best and most comprehensive forum for adult fun seeking travelers to Malaysia.There are also plenty of resources with shared bugil images.While this was used to be a great resource in the past it seems to be less well taken care of this year.This isn’t your traditional Southeast Asian girly bar, it is a bar that attracts lots of freelancers.You probably won’t find that many local Malay’s here, instead you will be dealing with many Vietnamese and Chinese girls.

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    It is in this startlingly beautiful place with vastly alternate regions and diversified ecosystems that Nomadic Expeditions chose to build our award-winning Three Camel Lodge.

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