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“My stuff is fresh,” Lowe, 54, said in his Lowe’s Whitetail lab last week.“I use about a gallon of it myself.” Deer urine has been used for decades by hunters in states where it’s legal to mask human scent and draw large bucks with nice racks into range.Jason Nark has been an enterprise reporter with the Daily News since 2008.He's covered just about everything and that's the way he likes it.“I owned 19 acres of all woods, so I couldn’t get in any other industry, like beef and pork,” said Paul Carson, owner of West Wind Whitetails & Scents in Erie County.“I fenced in a couple of acres and bought a couple of deer. I am one of the pioneers in Pennsylvania.” Collecting urine isn’t as simple as dropping a bucket under a deer’s rear end.They can sprinkle it on clothes, hang something akin to a urine-soaked air freshener from branches, or open a tin of crystallized urine beneath hunting stands.

“They’ll pee six to eight ounces per sitting, about a half-gallon a day, all year,” Lapp said.According to the Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance, cases of CWD have been found in Blair and Bedford Counties.Because urine is one of the ways CWD can spread, some states, including Virginia and Vermont, have banned its use in hunting.“I can sell a gallon of doe in estrus for 5 to 0.Dominant buck pee can go for about .” Urine-industry statistics are murky because producers are lumped together under deer farming, which includes raising trophy deer and deer for venison.

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