Socionic dating

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Psychology Socionic technologies for psychologists. Training for managers to help them better understand people and their potential. Each of us can get help in finding our way in life and happiness.

Politics Discovering the potential of people and their natural interactions for qualitative realization of negotiations and forecasting of political events. Health In duality psychosomatically induced illnesses disappear and immune system strenthens. Discovering the nature of relationships between family members and their correction. Education Raise your children in the best possible way, knowing their character and abilities from the early age. We can find new approaches to social problems thus harmonizing the whole society.

Such organization provides effective conflict-free groups. Whom to elect on the managing position The choice of a person on the managing position is a very responsible one.

Description and demonstration of Ukrainian mentality. Socion The scientific organization of people into certain groups which leads to social progress.

Help for organizations dealing with public health services. Training If you know yourself and the others, you become the master of situation. History The evolution of Socionics Benefit of socionics Socionics can help each person determine their place in life, avoid superfluous problems in family and at work, solve vital problems in themselves and their actions, understand and to learn about life more deeply and throuroughly, uncover hidden motives of human actions, forecast people's behavior, foresee development of relationships, discover own qualities and possibilities as well as those of the others.

Search for partners interested in building of the House of Recreation, which is a sanatorium-type facility for improving health on the basis of mental compatibility. Dialogue Difficulties in understanding between people. Lack of knowledge of one's own individual qualities as well as the qualities of the others always result in misunderstanding, dipping the person in the gloom of loneliness.

Family and children The family microclimat in dual and other families and how it influences children.

If people in families have human (dual) relationships, it provides more secure and human world around us.

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