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“Now’s not the right time,” “We don’t want to garner any negative attention,” “The Board of Directors might not like it,” ad infinitum.

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As a liberal, non-Lutheran lesbian, maybe this seems like a random decision for me, but those feelings are for a different post.There are 700 students at Concordia, so there should be 70 other gay students.” Funnily enough, despite some rather awful anti-gay things that happened to me on behalf of my not-so-nice first roommate, there are a lot of gay, lesbian and bisexual students at Concordia.I never tried to hide my sexuality at Concordia, and only a handful of people ever said anything negative to me about it (pre-seminary students will always try to save your gay soul, won’t they? No professor or administrator ever said anything about my sexuality.To ring in the new school year, Autostraddle’s fall theme is SCHOOLED. I was a founding sister of a sorority named Theta Zeta Upsilon, and over my three years as a Theta, I was Pledge Master and Vice President.We’ll be posting stories about queer/feminist issues and experiences with learning, working and playing in and around the education system. Perhaps you picture fraternities and sororities as real-life versons of Animal House or the House Bunny, but here’s a lesson: life and art often do not resemble one another.

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