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She immigrated to Canada in 1998 and since then, has considered Toronto her home.Silmy is working on a collection of short stories that highlight the Bengali immigrant experience in Toronto, inspired by the lives of families she observed while growing up in Scarborough.The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the quake was recorded at 2.20pm and the house, 185 miles from the epicentre in the village of Bow, Devon, fell apart at 2.26pm.Robert Crowley - who has featured in a Channel 5 Documentary Britain's Worst Neighbours - was in the back garden of the property and watched it collapse.Learn more at: Samantha Haywood Mariama Ahmed is a writer and freelance content marketer based in Toronto, Ontario.Her writings and interviews have been featured on CBC’s Fresh Air and Life Rattle Press.

She is an alumnus of Toronto’s Diaspora Dialogues Program for emerging writers and has been mentored by author, Lawrence Hill.The phenomenon, which has never been explained, became known as the 'Devil's foot prints' in a local legend.The new tracks appeared in fresh snow in Jill Wade's back garden on March 5th.A 300-year-old cottage collapsed after Britain was shook by its largest earthquake in a decade.Incredible CCTV footage captured the moment the historic property crumbled and fell apart just minutes after the 4.4 magnitude quake rocked Cwmllynfell, near Swansea, South Wales, yesterday.

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