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There are two sets of numbers generally found on Rolex watches.

These are the model numbers and the serial numbers.

These numbers are generally found between the lugs or horns on the watch, so the bracelet or strap must usually be removed to see them properly.

Below is some useful information on Rolex watches and the Rolex watch company.

There are some links to Rolex specific web-sites, resources, book recommendations and accessories.

Last month, an OECD report said Switzerland must urgently do more to protect whistleblowers and stop money laundering and bribery."We don't know yet whether the accounts still exist or whether there is anything in them," said Elan Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress in New York."But we have secured an agreement with the Swiss Bankers' Association to have full `unfettered' access to files identified by us from this period. We are finding lots and lots of money and property that was routed through Switzerland.Last night, Nat West said it had no record of the painting.UBS said it was illegal in Switzerland for the bank to discuss individual accounts - particularly whether there had been any withdrawals since 1945.

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