Updating bios shuttle sb75g2

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I'd like to thank Activision and Mega Rom for sending me on what can only be called a dream business trip to Hell and back. Isn't the point of this game to showcase id Software's graphical elegance and take the first person experience to the next level?

Special thanks to Suzanne at Activision for arranging extra accommodation for me to stay in London for the weekend so I could go and get a few supplies from The Gadget Shop in Oxford Street. Is this level of gaming something you'll ever see with your minimum specification rig?

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Remember to thank Mega Rom and NAG this issue for the stunning DOOM3 poster - don't say we don't love you.I didn't go beyond this fourth distillation of the cover because the printed resolution is too low to show that level of detail.Note that electronically the process could have continued indefinitely regardless of visible resolution because it is an infinitely self-repeating process.Something else to consider - guess what all those game reviewers out there are going to be playing DOOM3 on?The very best hardware available and will therefore experience the game in the best possible way making it justifiably easy for them to shower praise on the graphical quality while they gasp at the heat hazed passageways, cringe in terror at the freakish creations and finally exit to Windows exhausted.

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