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After a certain amount of time, the state of the process changes and it becomes ready to run.When we have more than one runnable process, all but one process needs to wait for their turn.Thus the number of runnable processes is considered as an important statistic while determining the CPU usage of the system.Access to CPU time: When we have more processes active on a system, each individual process gets less CPU time.CPU power If the CPU utilization stays well below 100%, it is clear that additional processing power is available for other tasks.It is important to understand the following CPU utilization statistics in order to gain maximum benefits while monitoring the CPU power Context switches: A context switch happens when CPU stops running one process and starts executing another process.Some of the resources that need to be monitored very regularly are CPU power, bandwidth, memory and storage.

In such a scenario, the process is not in need of CPU.

And to perform one task we require more time Bandwidth Network throughput: This is the amount of data, usually measured in bits per second, which travels to or from the system.

To determine whether network throughput is the bottleneck, one needs to gather the data to find out the maximum throughput of the system.

And in most cases this monitoring process will be iterative.

That is, the steps listed above will be repeated several times and with this one will be able to achieve the best performance from the system under consideration.

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