Updating is not supported by data source sqldatasource1

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Update(IDictionary keys, IDictionary values, IDictionary old Values, Data Source View Operation Callback callback) 78 System.

Handle Update(Grid View Row row, Int32 row Index, Boolean causes Validation) 1218 System.

I then added a Details View and Auto Generate options for insert, delete and update buttons to True to display the links for these functions. Then I could change the command strings for the update and delete commands to: Delete Command="DELETE Members WHERE [email protected]_id" Update Command="UPDATE Members SET [email protected]_Name, ... But The Learned One is correct that I could delete the parameters for all the commands.The following code example demonstrates how to set the collection, inferring the parameters from the Bound Field objects, and calls the Update method when the Update link on the editable Grid View is selected.This example also includes some post-processing: after a record is updated, a notification e-mail message is sent. I watched several vedios and I did not see any vedio that set anything for data base. thanks, I did what you told me, unfortunately, it did not work.

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