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(the script checks for 2 GB free space in the volume group) Now, when the update proceeds, the current active lvm will remain the active lvm.This is different than what happens on the cells where the active lvm becomes inactive with an update.With Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Linux, customers benefit from the joint development and testing done by Oracle to deliver the best features, stability and performance to enable the next generation of cloud computing.Oracle Database 12Oracle Linux is optimized for the Oracle Database and continues to set world record benchmarks on x86 servers.

The active sys lvm is the primary lvm that your current OS image is running on.Then, a next boot will now have the previous inactive lvm as active lvm.Rolling back with as in the example here (a rollback from to Backup / restore procedure owners guide chapter 7 The backup made with the procedure in chapter 7 of the Oracle Exadatabase Database owners guide covers total node recovery.However - loss of critical partitions and/or filesystems will not be covered with this type of backup - so you may want to combine both types of OS backup.The general recommendation is to use the default built-in backup procedure when running dbnodeupdate to make easy rollback possible.

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