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The Metropolitan Police continued to use the building until 1988, when operations moved to a new site in Harefield Road.

The building subsequently became the Old Bill public house in 1996, renamed the Fig Tree in 2006.

The wards of Uxbridge North and Uxbridge South are used for the election of councillors to Hillingdon Council and for statistical purposes.

The 2011 Census recorded population figures of 12,048 for Uxbridge North and 13,979 for Uxbridge South.

The development of Uxbridge declined after the opening of the Great Western Railway in 1838, which passed through West Drayton.

A branch line to Uxbridge was not built until 1904.

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The common originally covered both sides of Park Road to the north of the town centre but now covers 15 acres (6.1 ha).

The public house at the centre of those events, since renamed the Crown & Treaty, still stands.

Uxbridge also houses the Battle of Britain Bunker, from where the air defence of the south-east of England was coordinated during the Battle of Britain. 11 Group Operations Room within the bunker played a crucial rule during the battle and was later used during the D-Day landings.

In the early 1900s the Uxbridge and District Electricity Supply Company had been established in Waterloo Road, and much of the town was connected by 1902, although some houses still had gas lighting in 1912.

A water tower on Uxbridge Common was built in 1906, resembling a church tower, to improve the supply to the town.

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