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For his birthday he would like a Superman cape and a Dragon Blaster Skeletor figure that he can play with.

----- My name is David Firth and I make things that move.

Episodes Discussed: Milkman by David Firth, Ghost House by Film Cow, Cream By David Firth, Catghost 1st Birthday, The Sad Man by Jake Lava, Rabbit by Future Shorts, The Pier by Jason Bennet, Sabastian’s Voodoo by Joaquin Baldwin, Valentine’s Day Special by David Firth, My Anus Is Bleeding by Don Hertzfeldt, Llamas with Hats by Film Cow, Bob the Ball by Sin, Catface by The Weebl, How Many Times by Sick Animation Records, Badger Mushroom Snake, Jokamel Sketch from TV Funhouse, Twinkle Tits by David Firth, End Of Ze World by Jason Windsor, Video Dating Tape by David Firth, and lastly Willy Bum Bum by Alien Red Wolf.

Watch all of the episodes on our playlist Listen to our Hidden Track, “Shitvagina“.

Video Dating Tape (2005) by David Firth Subscribe to this madness: Twitter me: This animation was made in 2005 by David Firth. The music is "Blue Corrugated Cardboard" by Sebastian Svahn. He is 39 years young and he lives in a box that can be moved from place to place.

Some of his work may be described as dark humour, while much of it is simply experimental, using many different styles.

Firth is a fan of Aphex Twin, and has used references such as the song "Milkman" in a cartoon also titled "Milkman".

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