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Meyers says Nathaniel was still in a psychotic episode when herepeatedly cut Lauren's neck and throat:"Again, describing -- not in control of what he was doing, but no emotional connection to what was happening," Dr. Closing arguments began on March 5, 2013."There is no planning involved in this case. ""Members of the jury, Nathanial Fujita chose to act ...The bungee cord is a weapon of opportunity, its just there in the garage ... he chose to kill Lauren Astley, and his intention to kill and to murder was manifest ...""I know this boy. Nathaniel is not somebody who could kill," George Mattingly told Smith.It was a brief onset of this psychotic episode," Sullivan addressed the court. He changed out of his bloody shoes into another pair of sneakers. "It's got to be mental illness it's got to be something that caused the boy that I knew to -- to be on the wrong end of something like this."For friends and family of Lauren Astley, the three-week murder trial was excruciating."Testifying was incredibly emotional for you," Tracy Smith noted to Genevieve Flynn."Yeah, it was horrible. I wanted to say the right thing to make sure the right thing happened for her," she replied in tears.Prosecutor Lisa Mc Govern zeroes in on Nathaniel's calculated cover up of Lauren's murder."Say what you will about fairy god mothers; there is no psychosis fairy who magically sprinkled a temporary dose of psychosis on this defendant," Mc Govern told jurors."The evidence shows, yes, he took the car to the beach. It was just as agonizing for Nathaniel's family on the other side of the courtroom."He seemed bewildered.The psychiatrist suggested anti-depression medication and therapy, but according to the defense, Nathaniel refused."He was just kind of isolating himself further and further into the summer.Lauren was worried that he was depressed, that he was going to do something drastic to himself," Chloe explained.And it's something that nourishes me everyday."Lauren was 12 when she got the lead in a local theatre production of "Annie.""...

"Because of the major mental illness.""The defense, I would ask you to consider, is one of lack of criminal responsibility," Sullivan told the court. Bill Sullivan: What did he tell you happened when Miss Astley arrived at the house?Working with purveyors and making sure we get beautiful stuff. Obviously it’s television so we can’t have anything that looks like crap out there. On the equipment side, it’s making sure we have everything for specific challenges [like a sausage grinder]. My big meal of the day is here on set and it’s from catering. It was as though, he said, he wasn't controlling - himself. He cleans up the garage."He wasn't exhibiting a single symptom of psychosis.It was his body acting while his mind was -- was disconnected from-- from what was happening. He was criminally responsible," Mc Govern continued.

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