Who is taylor armstrong dating the right stuff dating ivy league

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He’s such a great guy, and we’re friends, we have mutual friends in Dallas.

“We end up running in the same circle whenever we see one another, but he also has a wonderful foundation, called The Leadership Foundation, and I work with domestic violence.

She is safe with him, something she hasn't felt in a very long time.

According to the news source, Taylor, 42, wed John, 56, at the Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades, California on Friday.

“There’s a rumor that you’ve already started dating, and that you’re new beau is Bravo star Matt Nordgren… ” Shaun asked Taylor during a recent visit to the set of Ciroc and Bravo’s New Year’s Eve commercial, promoting an upcoming December 31 event involving various “Real Housewives” franchise stars in Houston, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. “He is not [my boyfriend.] He is very sweet, and just as handsome as can be.

We really have to hand it to her - she's making some really good choices and obviously really making an effort to work things out for herself!

Such a good example to set for her daughter, Kennedy!

“I was a train wreck,” she said following a breakdown she had on camera not long after Russell’s death.

“I was on the Taylor Train and then it had a wreck.

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