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***** The object of this book is to furnish a trustworthy account of what the Macedonians are as to their origin, what they were in the past, what they are to-day, and INTRODUCTION 7 how the present confusion arose, until the true position of affairs was forgotten and the " Macedonian Question" created.In collecting material concerning this Question I did my best to consult only the most reliable sources and the best authorities on Macedonia.The con- fusion of ideas with regard to her territorial extent is a thing of recent growth. 6 MACEDONIA With such confusion prevai Hng in the ranks of the professional cartographers with regard to the definition of Macedonia, it is not to be wondered at that the Bulgarian " patriots," pohticians with an axe to grind, and others imperfectly acquainted with the facts, put forward the most extravagant claims as regards the territorial conception of Macedonia.The liberation of Serbia and Greece has entailed many changes in the geographical conceptions of the Balkan Peninsula. If matters had stood thus merely as regards the physical area of Macedonia, it would still be quite simple to apply that name only to the territory within her true frontiers, since all that lies outside these frontiers, not forming part of Macedonia, would not enter into the discussion. Full of illumina- tion on Near Eastern questions." — Pall Mall Gazette. On many maps draw^n by the official ' Geographer of the Republic of Venice,' the famous V. " Not only a piece of powerful propaganda, but a literary production of high quality. On all these maps the name of Serbia extends over the regions south of the Sar Moun- tain and the Skoplje Crna Gora. Gastaldi, in 1566, Serbia includes not only Kosovo Polje and Skoplje itself but also the regions around Skoplje.

Moll, and in many others of the second half of the seventeenth century.

SAN DIEGO lllllllllllllllllllii III III III III III mill 3 1822 02600 5017 »v^j:.m:^ J'.- rfe"C GEISa LIBRARY -^ LA JOLLA, MACEDONIA A BULWARK AGAINST GERMANY The Fight of the Slovenes, the Western Branch of the Jugoslavs, for National Existence By Bo GUMi L Vos NJAK, late Lecturer of the University of Zagreb (Croatia). Similar frontiers are also assigned to Serbia in the maps by F.

On many French seventeenth-century maps drawn by the ' Royal Geogra- phers/ Serbia includes not only Novi Pazar and Prizren, but also the surroundings of Skoplje in the wider sense.

STOUY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BULGARIAN PROPAGANDA IN MACEDONIA, TOLD BY A CITIZEN OF BITOL. A footnote accounts for the absence of parish seals by explaining that plundering Circassians and Albanians had taken them away. Petition to the " King " of Serbia, dated Skoplje, June 20, 1878, with the seals of more than 50 communes affixed. BULGARIAN PROCLAMATION IN 1879, CALLING UPON THE INHABITANTS OF MACEDONIA TO RISK AGAINST THE TURKS ....

PETITIONS OF MACEDONIANS TO THE SERBIAN PRINCE MILAN AND TO THE CONGRESS OP BERLIN TO BE UNITED WITH SERBIA .... From the districts of Kicevo, Prilep and Veles, with the signatures of 170 mayors, priests, archimandrites, etc., appended and bearing the seals of 44 communes. Petition addressed to Prince Milan, signed by 520 parish councils, etc., from 'the districts of Kumanovo, Kratovo, Palanka, Istip, Petric, Strumica and Kocani, with the seals of 220 communes affixed, drawn up on, June 2, 1878, at Kozjak. Petition addressed to the British Consul at Vranje, as Envoy of the Berlin Congress, signed in Vranje, on June 11, 1878, by 20 natives of Gilane (from the towns and villages of Gilane, Pasijan, Petrovac, Banilug, Kopotovo, Domorovac, Kufedze, Koretiste, Stanisor, Budrig, Partes, Grizimi, Mocar, Miganovac, and Busrnac). Petition of 500 distinguished citizens, archimandrites, priests, teachers, mayors, etc., of the districts of Kicevo, Ochrida, Debar, and Elbasan, with the seals of 308 communes affixed, dated from the Monastery of Cista Precista in Skrzava at the Sabor (meeting) of June 15, 1878, and addressed to the " King " of Serbia. Petition addressed to the British Consul (Envoy of the Berlin Congress), dated Gilane, Jime 18, 1878, and signed by 375 distinguished inhabitants from the districts of Gilane, Skoplje, and Tetovo.

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